U8s Eagles

U8s Eagles
Manager: Mike Morton
Email: mikemorton@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk

“After the previous manager left in September 2019 I stepped in to the role after some persuasion from other dads and managers.
It’s great being able to help nine boys do something they love – their enthusiasm is contagious. My son is really proud that his dad is his manager too.
To be a good coach you need patience, a passion for football, be good in the mornings, look great in shorts…oh and more patience! I’d say the boys would would describe me as fair, encouraging and I’m sure they would mention the tub of chocolates I keep for them for after training. If you’re thinking about coaching, DO IT! It’s strangely addictive and if I had to give it up I’d really miss it. If I could change one thing though it would be the weather – the introduction of a winter break and play more in summer months would be welcomed by coaches and parents alike I’m sure.”

Team: Watford FC
Inspired by: Jurgen Klopp
Favourite full-time treat: Jaffa Cakes for the boys and a hot chocolate and bacon roll for me
Most memorable B&O match: 4-4 draw against a very decent team – we scored in the last minute to draw