u17 Jaguars

Manager: Paul Little
Email: chair@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk

“I was dragged kicking and screaming into the manager’s role back in 2011/12 season when the team were U7s 😉
My son and eight of his school friends wanted to play football and when my wife enquired about setting up a team, I was the only dad who “wanted” (“those boys will be so disappointed if they don’t play in a team”) to do it. In all seriousness, I love it. It’s great seeing the boys develop and improve their football skills as well as watching them develop their social skills and build friendships. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions though – my weekends are taken up preparing for training on Saturday, worrying about the game on Sunday on Saturday afternoon (who to start, formation to play etc), getting nervous on Sunday morning prior to the match and then a whole range of emotions during and after the game! Don’t get me started on what’s involved in being Chair!

If you’re thinking about becoming a manager/ coach – do it! You’ll need to be positive, encouraging and have great communication skills; don’t over complicate instructions and remember you’re coaching kids and not professionals. You’ll be rewarded with presents from the boys and parents at Christmas and end of the season which is always a bonus!”

Team: Chelsea
Inspired by: Jose Mourinho until he moved to Man Utd and Tottenham! Now it has to be Frank Lampard, especially as he’s bringing through young players
Favourite full-time treat: Not immediately after the full time whistle but you can’t beat a Sunday roast, especially on a cold winter’s day.
[NB – the chef at the Metropolitan club does a fantastic ‘Breakfast Bap’ that goes some way to settle the nerves on Sunday morning prior to kick-off]
Most memorable B&O match: The Jaguars first ever win at U7s! A 3-2 win against Borehamwood when we played in the Watford Friendly League. It came about 2 or 3 months into the season – the look of joy on the boys’ (and parents’) faces is something I’ll always remember