u16 Sharks

Manager: Ben Byford/ Dominic Edwards
Email: benbyford@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk
Sponsor: Molly’s Floating Cafe

“I joined Bushey & Oxhey FC in the 2014/15 season, helping my youngest son’s team and then stepping in to the manager’s role when it became vacant. It’s a busy but really rewarding role, watching 15 boys play a sport they all love every weekend. To be a good manager you need good people skills – it’s no easy task managing teenage boys! The boys would describe me as fun, understanding, approachable and a little vocal at times. If I could change anything about the game I would add a winter break and play more games as the weather and pitches improve.”

Team: Chelsea
Inspired by: Jurgen Klopp
Favourite full-time treat: The ‘Golden Arches’ for the boys and a swift half for me
Most memorable B&O match: The Sharks B&O tournament final win

“I’ve been at Bushey & Oxhey FC since 2012, starting as Cobras Assistant Manager and then in 2018 joining the Sharks team, again as Assistant Manager. I love being part of the team – the boys are a great bunch and would probably describe me as loud but very trustworthy. My weekends revolve around weather watching, talking tactics, trying to focus a bunch of buzzing boys and lots of laughter. Winning is easy, picking others up when things go wrong is the hardest but definitely the most rewarding part of being a good manager.”

Team: AFC Bournemouth
Inspired by: Eddie Howe
Favourite full-time treat: If the kick-off is early enough, a Full English Breakfast
Most memorable B&O match: When my own son wanted me to pick him up early from a Scout Camp so that he could play in the B&O match. Although he looked like he had been sleeping rough for two nights, he worked his socks off to help the team to a well-earned draw.