u13 Stags

Manager: Mark Brett/ Jonathan (Jono) Patterson
Email: markbrett@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk/ jonathanpatterson@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk
Sponsor: Evolution Mobile Salons

“After a year with the U6 soccer school, my eldest son started his football playing journey with Bushey & Oxhey FC in 2015. I popped in for a chat with the then chair Darren Linden, and left with a team! It was something I had always wanted to do and was lucky that B&O paid for my training and gave me the opportunity.
The best part of being a coach is the boys – it’s all about them and their journey. We have definitely grown in the five years we have been a team and have become a real ‘football family’. I originally started with eight boys (many of who didn’t know each other) and now have a team of 12 – the original eight are still with us! Every one of them adds their own individuality and personality but they all have an equal role in the team. The boys would describe me as fair, demanding and loud!
If I could change anything at grassroots, I wish the FA and Premier League would put in more money and support.”

Team: West Ham United (supporting them is far more frustrating than being a coach)
Inspired by: Klopp for his non-stop enthusiasm and I like what Brendan Rodgers does
Favourite full-time treat: Sunday Roast and a couple of beers
Most memorable B&O match: Our first, 5-2 win at Bedmond

“My son Oscar joined the soccer school back in 2013 and I then joined in to help run the soccer school in 2014 (I still have the Trainer of the Week certificate that I created and YouTube video).
I love the football family feel we have created – we are very lucky to have an amazing bunch of boys and parents. I really hope that they’ll remain mates for life, learn some important lessons during their time with us and carry on loving their football.
If you’re thinking about becoming a coach you’ll need enthusiasm, patience and positivity. You need to be well organised or the boys will run rings around you. Come and join in with one of our training sessions to get a feel for the club. Speak to as many other coaches as you can – there are some amazing snippets of advice out there from the many mangers/coaches at the club.
Most of all, watch the end of season presentation video that was created at the end of the 2018-19 season.  If that doesn’t motivate you then nothing will and you should stick to tiddlywinks!”

Team: The highs and lows of football; Manchester United and Mansfield Town
Inspired by: I would say that currently it’s Pep. He tries to play a way that works hard to get the ball back and even harder to keep it and score.
Favourite full-time treat: Helen’s Sunday dinner with a glass of red….heaven
Most memorable B&O match: I honestly don’t have one, although we scored my favourite Stags goal of all time a few weeks ago against Watford Town FC, It was and a brilliant team goal with loads of combination passes and a great finish.