u13 Rhinos

Manager: Dave Fearnside / Stu Hutchison
Email: davefearnside@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk / stuhutchison@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk
Sponsor: Citygate

I joined Bushey & Oxhey in 2015 when my wife enquired about our son playing football with the club and realised parent volunteers were needed to accommodate as many teams as possible. I’d previously done a summer of coaching ‘soccer’ in America when I left university, so was quite excited to give it another try and see where it led.

The best thing about being a coach is getting to see a bunch of young boys develop and mature, as footballers, but also as people. Some of my best memories and friendships revolve around playing and watching football, and I hope that my team will build some lasting friendships.

A typical weekend as a manager involves getting up early and training on a Saturday (then watching my daughter to play for Garston Ladies if there’s time). Watching Watford play in the afternoon, and then getting everything ready for our match on Sunday. If we’re at home, I like to get there early and have everything set up ready for when they boys arrive. Away games are a bit less involved, as long as I know where I’m going! Sunday afternoons are chill out time after I’ve posted our result, and I always try and leave writing my match report until the next day so I can be more objective!

To be a really good coach I think you need enthusiasm and patience in equal measure. My advice to anyone wanted to become a coach would be to just give it a try – it’s incredibly rewarding. I’d also advise focusing on player development and not the result. If you’re starting at u7 you have might have 10+ years to go in your coaching journey, so what happens on one individual afternoon is really not that important. The most rewarding thing about coaching is watching the boys develop – seeing them do something in a match that they couldn’t do before and that you’ve helped them achieve is a great feeling.

If one of my players was asked to describe my qualities, I think they would say I’m fun, encouraging and fair (at least I hope they would!)

Team: Watford
Inspired by: Klopp and Guardiola – both at the top of their games, with boundless enthusiasm and teams that work so hard both with and without the ball
Favourite full-time treat: a good lie down in front of the TV!
Most memorable B&O match: The boys develop so fast, that it’s usually the most recent one where we’ve played some good team football that sticks in my mind. However, we made it to the League Finals Day at the end of our u7 season, and although we lost the match, I thought that was a great achievement, and excellent experience and I was really proud of the boys that day.