u11 Broncos

Manager: Dave Knight
Email: daveknight@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk

I joined Bushey & Oxhey FC in September 2018 with my sons U8’s team. I love getting out and delivering the coaching – I love the smell of the grass whether it’s muddy on the winter or freshly cut in spring!
The best thing about being a coach is seeing the players improving week-by-week, helping them to be the best that they can be – coaching life skills for the next generation, not just football skills.
My weekends revolve around the team. I arrive at the training ground around 8:15am and get the training set up before the players arrive. I try to squeeze more than an hour in (don’t tell the Committee about that!) just because I know the boys love playing.
Same on match day, we arrive 45 minutes before the kick off to make sure we’re warmed up and prepared for the game. We follow a theme of training for 4-6 weeks at a time i.e. dribbling, shooting, passing, defending and the message is consistent from training into the match itself.
To be a great football coach you need to be reflective during the sessions; think on your feet and adapt sessions if needed. A common question I might ask myself is ‘How can I improve what I’m doing’? It’s really important to listen to feedback from the players, allow them to express themselves, be creative on the ball and not fear making mistakes. You also need to allow the players the opportunity to correct themselves – if they make a mistake, guide them in the best way you can – knowing when to step in and coach is important. Get to know your players and what motivates them – how to get the best out of them as individuals.

My team would say I listen and allow them to ask lots of questions. I encourage them and give them all a lot of my time – I think they’d say I’m quite funny too!

Team: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Inspired by: Jurgen Klopp – his attention to detail is incredible
Favourite full-time treat: If it’s not too early for a Sunday afternoon beer, then it’s probably that!
Most memorable B&O match: We outplayed a team who were a year above us and we drew the match. We scored 3 goals in two minutes and the boys were ecstatic – you could feel how much they believed in themselves in that moment. The team showed how much they had grown, how they worked together and how much they believed in themselves. I took a lot of pride in that as I believed in them.