u10 Bears

Manager: James Hall / Richard Barnes
Email: jameshall@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk / richardbarnes@busheyandoxheyfc.co.uk
Sponsor: Mayling Recycling

“I joined the club when my eldest son started playing football in 2017. I watched the team from the side line then. When my youngest son was eligible for U7s football I put myself forward as coach to the club. I was impressed by the commitment from others I had seen and wanted to give it a go too.
I love being a coach and can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of match day mornings and training too – the kids are all fired up ready to get out there and have fun!
A typical weekend is very busy! I arrive at the club around 8.30 to get set up, planning is important so the kids have structure in what they do. We train from 9-10am. Then there is the clearing away, picking up left behind water bottles, rubbish and putting goals away. I get home around 11am. Then family life kicks in before I have to sit down and work out a team for Sunday. Sunday morning can be an early start if we are away so Saturday night is normally a quiet one.
To be a good coach you need patience – especially with the age I look after. Not all kids get it first time and some are more advanced than others. Adapting what you want to get across for each situation is important.
I’d advise anyone interested in becoming a coach to do it! The kids are there to learn and have fun. It’s not about winning and losing. The memories of having a go and doing well will stick with these kids for a lifetime.
If I asked the team to describe me, I would like to think they would say I am nice and fair, they may say something else though!!
If I could change anything it would be the weather!! I would also like to see more funding made available for grassroots football and support for all weather pitches.”

Team: I am now a Hornet following the mighty Watford
Inspired by: I have to say Pep Guardiola at Man City. He has shown how someone who started at the bottom can successfully go and do amazing thing. Of course money has helped but he has a certain style and tenacity about him which makes me think about how I coach
Favourite full-time treat: For the team, Jaffa Cakes and for me…a nice cup of tea
Most memorable B&O match: There have been many, but the one that is the most memorable was at the SunSports tournament last summer. We entered not knowing how we would get on and we. We lost a few games and then made it to the semis and then won the final. A euphoric afternoon followed. The support from the parents, neutrals and how the team played made everyone feel very happy.