The Bushey & Oxhey FC Tournament 2019

The Bushey & Oxhey FC Tournament will take place on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2019 at our home ground – Bushey Sports Club, Aldenham Road, Bushey, Hertfordshire WD23 2TR.

Entry Fee per team is £40

Building on the massive success in previous seasons, the tournament will again host morning and afternoon competitions for ALL age groups. There will be hot and cold drinks and refreshments available including our very popular BBQ. A fully licensed bar will also be open in the clubhouse.

A professional photographer will be on site and taking photos throughout the day which are available to purchase and take away with you.

Played on possibly the best youth football pitches in Hertfordshire, it promises to be a fantastic event attracting many teams from across the county.

  • Under 7s (AM) and Under 8s (PM)will take part in 5 a side CUP COMPETITIONS, with the winners receiving a trophy and medals. All players taking part will receive a medal. (max squad 8 players)
  • Under 9s(AM) and Under 10s(PM) will take part in 7 a side CUP COMPETITIONS, with the winners receiving a trophy and medals. Runners up will also receive medals. (Max squad 10 players)
  • Under 11s(AM) and Under 12s(PM) will take part in 9 a side CUP COMPETITIONS, with the winners receiving a trophy and medals. Runners up will also receive medals. (Max squad 13 players)
  • Under 13s(AM), Under 14s(PM), Under 15s(AM), Under 16’s(PM) and Under 18’s (PM) will take part in 11 a side CUP COMPETITIONS, with the winners receiving a trophy and medals. Runners up will also receive medals. (Max squad 15 players)

Please visit the link below to secure a place in the 2019 Bushey & Oxhey FC tournament.


FA Respect Campaign…We Only Do Positive

The FA’s Respect campaign was launched in the 2008/9 season after a build-up of behavioural problems in the National Game. Following its success, The FA want to spread the message of Respect even further across English football. The new campaign – ‘We Only Do Positive’ – aims to do just that.

The new campaign highlights the importance of positive behaviour towards young footballers, specifically looking at the impact parents and coaches can have. The campaign is rooted in extensive research carried out in 2017/18 to understand more clearly the effect of negative behaviour on Under 7s – Under 18s and where Respect interventions would be most effective.

The research provided clear evidence of why positivity was so important in the youth game. The stand-out insight was that 9 in 10 children played better with positive encouragement. In addition, the research highlighted that negative experiences on children had a serious adverse effects on both in their footballing ability and more widely to their enjoyment of the sport.

‘We Only Do Positive’ is a response to this research and uses an all new strategic approach to target coaches and parents specifically around mini-soccer and youth football. It aims to promote and educate coaches and parents on their roles in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all the players, ensuring they have great experiences throughout their football journey.

Please click on the links to see our new code of conducts:

  1. FA Respect Code of Conduct Coaches, managers & club officials
  2. FA Respect Code of Conduct Match Officials
  3. FA Respect Code of Conduct Spectators Parents
  4. FA Respect Code of Conduct Young Players

Thank you for taking the time to read the new FA Respect campaign.


Bushey & Oxhey FC Survey 2017/18

Bushey & Oxhey FC Survey 2017/18

Thank you to all parents who contributed to the Bushey and Oxhey FC 2017/18 survey. We are currently putting together a development plan for the season ahead based on the results. Please find the survey results below and thanks again for your support.


1. How long have you been at Bushey & Oxhey FC? (58 responses)

2. How many children do you have at the Club? (58 responses)

3. What is your children’s age group?

4. How would you rate the quality of coaching provided? (58 responses)
5. How satisfied are you with the player development opportunities at the Club? (58 responses)
6. How satisfied are you with how the Club look after the welfare of your child and deal with potential safeguarding issues? (58 responses)
7. Does the Club do enough to promote the FA’s Respect Codes of Conduct for players, managers and spectators? (58 responses)
8. How confident are you that the B&O FC Committee will make responsible decisions with the Club’s financial resources? (58 responses)
9. Are you satisfied with the quality of the grounds at the Club? (58 responses)
10. Are you satisfied with the facilities at the Clubhouse? (58 responses)
11. How do you rate the Club’s communication with you? (e.g emails, website, Facebook page and Twitter) (58 responses)
12. How satisfied are you with the value you receive, for what it costs for your child or children to be a member at B&O FC? (58 responses)
13. How confident are you that B&O FC offers the best option in the area for youth football and player development? (58 responses)
14. How likely is it that you would recommend B&O FC to a friend? (58 responses)
15. Would your child/ren like to have more of a say in how the Club is run, either by giving their feedback through a survey like this, or by participating in facilitated kids’ forums throughout the season? (58 responses)
A. Can you describe the Club in 3 words? (35 responses)
1. Growing Inclusive Community
2. A family club
3. Football/Mental development
4. Fun happy friendly
5. Local football club
6. Friendly, Polite Sportsmanship
7. Fun football all
8. Large Local Belonging
9. Friendly fun equipped
10. Welcoming, competitive, sporting
11. Continuely moving forward
12. Professional, fun and organised
13. A good choice
14. Committed, successful, caring
15. Big Abrasive Elitist
16. Fun friendly rivalry
17. Fun. Accessible. Well managed.
18. Friendly, collaborative, community.
19. fun, inspiring, commited
20. Meh. Meh. Meh.
21. Engaging, informative, family
22. Large, organised, profitable
23. Friendly, competitive, hard-working
24. Family, friendly.
25. Possibly too big!
26. Professional inclusive friendly
27. Friendly, fun, professional
28. Professional, fun, friendly
29. Out-stand-ing
30. Friendly, fun, supportive
31. Fair, organised, inclusive
32. Professional, organised, team
33. Supportive, considerate, friendly
34. Organised, fun, big
35. Fun for all
B. What are the Club doing well? (38 responses)
1. Running a club well with serious focus and ambition on a small budget
2. Promoting good behaviour and good sportsmanship in our teams.
3. All good
4. A feeling of belonging to the club
5. Summer tournament
6. Nurture of players.
7. Good community feel
8. Great Awards Night
9. Football for all
10. Tournament day excellent, ensuring that weekly training via power league is available / funded for every team whenever BSC is unavailable through winter months, which ensures there is at least an weekly activity if Sunday’s game falls foul of the weather
11. Ensuring they are one of the best clubs in the area in terms of facilities and what they offer the boys in terms of experience.
12. Excellent culture for youth football
13. Keeping children of all ages fit and healthy plus creating a family atmosphere for all to enjoy
14. Well organised
15. Welcoming development players
16. Safe friendly environment and great coaching
17. Promoting itself
18. Encouraging
19. Grounds well maintained
20. Welfare, events, kit, friendly atmosphere, sense of community
21. Training facilities
22. engaging with children, providing a safe environment, making football fun
23. Financial management
24. Social events to raise money
25. Managing overall running of the club as a business
26. Promoting a club ethos and sense of family
27. Providing football in a good environment. Good Ethos.
28. Offering opportunities for children, especially the young ones.
29. Gives opportunity to children of all abilities to play for a club.
30. Good coaching
31. Coaching, looking after welfare of the kids, good family feel to club
32. Keeping costs low
33. Training, fixtures, tournament
34. Everything
35. Coaching, sense of belonging to a big club, communication
36. Building confidence, supporting the kids, also supportive of the parents
37. Kit, pitches, admin, cost
38. Great group of coaches and children
C. What could the Club do better? (36 responses)
1. Communicate to parents that this is a community club where the benefits can only come from contributions from the parents in terms of their support and resource. It’s not professional coaches or management team, just parents wanting to help and that is what is sought from each family involved
2. Because we have 2 kids we are paying a lot of money per year and have to pay in big instalments. We asked numerous times if we could spread the costs over most of the year as a direct debit per month but we keet being ignored. There should be a much better system to spread out costs especially for those who have 2 or more kids in the club.
3. All good
4. End of Season Awards split into teams. 5 minute slots? 2) Clear policy on whether streaming of teams happens at B&O and if so when it happens and the process of how it happens. Would rather it didn’t!
5. Ensuring all boys at a younger age get fair time on the pitch to improve their game.
6. Change kit provider. Very poor quality. Try being more modern and up to date like other clubs. I.E social media side of things Different trophies on awards night ( younger teams) Glass not very practical for kids A lot of them broke on the night. Limit the amount of teams from 1 club entering the summer tournament per age group and try stream it so not all the best teams are turning up (if possible). Try find a cheaper photographer company to take the photos at the summer tournament or get them to subsidise for B&O Players.
7. Communication has improved
8. Be less quick to call off training & games after minor bad weather to protect pitches – missed an awful 6. lot this year, & then value for money comes into question
9. More consistant communication
10. Communication
11. By now the 2018/19 fees details should be out? Financially now is a good time to pay an installment , really one should have been payable on or by 31st May for next season? Previously the club has asked for payments when lots of parents have other things going on ie purchasing school uniforms, summer hols, Xmas you need to time better and think smarter about the scheduling of the three instalments Club jackets – plastic macs not so good lettering came off quickly , could parents have the option to order the old style fleece jackets paying the difference?
12. Not sure.
13. all-weather pitches would be good, but far too costly!!
14. Make sure the gate in the car park up near the coaches is padlocked shut at 7am on the day of the 6 aside to stop people getting in for free so the the club makes more money Keep things as the are cos all seems to run quite smoothly as it it
15. Have the old style jacket with a fleece lining
16. More training
17. Have nothing negative to say
18. Inclusivity: awful archaic attitudes. Seems like has to be all football or nothing. What about kids trying different sports? Train and play matches on Saturdays only to let boys play rugby or other sports on Sundays. Surely that’s a more child-centric and realistic developmental approach?
19. Ensure common principles applied in the way that younger teams are coached e.g. compulsory rotation between roles and equal distribution of substitutions irrespective of ability.
20. Communication, direction – no clear strategy or sense of ambition. Feels like commitment to developing players, mixed ability and enjoyment as founding principles is waning.
21. Reduce fees by more efficient use of kit.
22. have a contingency planned for bad weather
23. Communication needs to be much better
24. Offer mid week training or Early training on a Saturday and earlier kick off’s on Sunday
Communication needs to be improved, better support for teams suffering difficulties, e.g. with management, training or player discipline
25. The sports club seem very anti the boys versus the Garston ladies girls team who have a fantastic presentation day, none of he boys trophy’s are on display which is a real shame
26. Streaming the kids
27. Ensure alternative training arrangements are made.
28. More communication.
29. The team my son was in this year had 6 players. Need more players in each team, or players more evenly distributed across teams. Most of the teams they were playing seemed to have 2/3 subs.
30. Monthly direct debit payments would be good.
31. Inclusive football
32. Can’t think of anything
33. Christmas party for the boys
34. Better communication and implementation of club policy safety, welfare, coaching philosophy across different teams. 35. More professional coaching (more coach Joes). When I did the elected members welfare course I became aware of how the club was deficient in a few areas, although I must add that Cathy has done a great job in improving the welfare element.
36. My son has still not received his training kit after playing his first whole season! I have asked throughout the season but to no avail.

Swiftline Building Services Group will sponsor our Stags team for 2017/18 and 2018/19!

Bushey and Oxhey FC is delighted to announce that Swiftline Building Services Group will sponsor our Stags team for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Swiftline building services group aims to be one of the UK’s leading independent building services companies. Swiftline building services has been at the forefront of the construction services industry for many years, gaining a deserved reputation as a high quality contractor in the Mechanical and Electrical Sector in particular, and diversifying their service offering to include a range of complementary services.

Click here to find out more at Swiftline Building Services Group


Moving the Goal Posts with Thomas Cook Children’s Charity

Bushey & Oxhey FC has been awarded a grant from the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity (TCCC) to help us fund new “roll on” goal posts. 

In the UK, TCCC has raised more than £5 million since 2009 by offering their customers the opportunity to donate when they book a holiday, collecting unwanted coins in store and on return Thomas Cook flights to the UK, and through staff donations. So now you know where your unwanted foreign coins go please keep up the donations!

These funds are spent on improving children’s lives and the communities in which they live – by helping to improve education, well-being and health care facilities.

Bushey & Oxhey FC were able to demionstrate that we can help TCCC achieve their goals. We are a club with a strong set of values and principles, with a philosophy and ethos that is focused on long term player development and inclusion. We are a non-profit making organisation commited to promoting and enhancing the culture of youth football and sports education in our local community, operated by dedicated parents and FA qualified coaches. We provide boys and girls aged 6 to 17 years with a regular, high quality football experience.

The old plastic goal we we had were quite flimsy and prone to destruction in high winds or sometimes, regrettably, due to vandalism as they have to be left in the open. We have now replaced these these aluminium, roll on goals that are fit for purpose, safer during high winds and will reduce the club’s on-going repair and maintenance costs.

This project will help to build on the quality football experience we provide for our children, without us having to increase subscriptions costs, allowing all the community to enjoy either playing in these goals or watching family members play. Football is a simple game but providing quality, safe, low cost facilities is a challenge, we hope this project will go some way in enabling Bushey & Oxhey FC to continue to fulfil this objective. Of course, football is also a game that involves two teams; we hope all visiting players will also enjoy these facilities.

Many thanks to Thomas Cook Children’s Charitry from all of us at Bushey & Oxhey FC.


Building a Better Club with MP Moran, Builders & Plumbers Merchants

Bushey & Oxhey F.C. are delighted to agree a new sponsorship deal with MP Moran, Builders and Plumbers Merchants. The MP Moran logo now appears on all the club’s training kit, which also doubles as an “away” kit in matches where club colours clash. Our players will wear the kits for two years and the funds raised help keep membership fees down, ensuring our community club remains accessible to as many people as possible.

MP Moran have a number of branches across the UK and Ireland, including a branch in Otterspool Way, Watford, WD25 8H. Sales are also online at Products range from kitchens and bathrooms, bricks and blocks to flooring, garden landscaping products as well as plumbing and electrical suppliers. Services include skip hire, timber cutting, paint mixing, mixed concrete supplies and also include brick and moulding matching.

So no excuses for a leaky defence in any Bushey and Oxhey FC team!