What We Expect From Parents

When you entrust your child to volunteer managers and coaches of Bushey & Oxhey FC teams the club has a responsibility to make sure that they are safe, and that that their welfare is paramount..

To do this we need your help. Parents have a responsibility to make sure that their children are collected on time from training sessions, so that managers and coaches do not have to wait behind with another adult until the player is collected, or younger children are left to find their own way home. Ideally we would like all parents to attend training and matches and not just drop of and collect, but that is not possible for some families so we can only express the hope that parents can spend as much time as possible watching their child.

The FA Respect campaign is intended for adults just as much as the players. Parents should encourage not criticise, never use foul or abusive language when standing on the touchline at matches, and never threaten players, other spectators, coaches or match officials. If they do they risk Bushey & Oxhey FC asking them to leave and remove their child from the club in extreme cases. Please allow our volunteer managers, assistants and coaches to do their jobs. They give up their time to ensure your children can play football and without them our club would not exist.

Social networking sites are often a source of bullying and because they are not censored unfair comments about other clubs or match officials cannot be controlled. Parents are therefore asked to make sure that children do not use pages on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites to attack or bully others as a result of football activity. The FA monitors such sites and the club may be held responsible for comments that the FA deems unreasonable.

Bushey and Oxhey FC Safeguarding Children Policy